April 6, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Government for the rich


Campaign oratory is speech; it is protected by the First Amendment. Campaign contributions are commerce; money paid for services rendered or anticipated. By perverting the First Amendment and extending its guarantees to the trade of campaign finance, the U.S. Supreme Court has sold this country lock, stock and barrel to the 1 percent.

Our judicial branch is supposed to be the great equalizer. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights to guarantee that every American would have a voice. The treason of five Supreme Court justices now ensures that only billionaires’ voices will ever be heard again. Like Rome, America will consume itself in an orgy of unbounded, unabashed self-indulgence: government of the stinking rich, by the stinking rich, and for the stinking rich.

God help us all.

Eric Went


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