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A scene from the Gail Gerlach manslaughter trial: Det. Brian Cestnik is in the middle, motioning to the map. Prosecutor Deric Martin is on the right. Defense Attorney David Stevens is on the left. Judge Annette Plese on the bench.
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Background and the latest updates

The defense will begin its arguments today in the manslaughter trial of Gail Gerlach, who shot dead 25-year-old Brendon Kaluza-Graham in March 2013 as Kaluza-Graham left his driveway in Gerlach’s SUV.

The prosecution wrapped its case Monday with Spokane police detectives testifying tinted windows and piled plumbing equipment would have made it impossible for Gerlach to see into the cab of the car, where Gerlach says Kaluza-Graham was pointing at him in a threatening manner before the self-employed plumber fired.

If you’ve missed any of the coverage to this point, most of the highlights are contained in this Storify collection of tweets.

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