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Tue., April 8, 2014

Legal game creates havoc

After reading and rereading the March 28 article on Pat Lewis, I’ve come to the realization that our legal system is messed up. How else can it be when interns have power to create havoc and force citizens to part with thousands of dollars over such a trite and trivial matter as not responding to their paperwork “game”? It doesn’t matter if the real problem is addressed; that’s irrelevant.

The way this fiasco went speaks volumes on why lawyers and judges aren’t held in very high regard. From what the article said, Lewis sold an old boat “as is.” I’ve always thought “as is” was pretty self-explanatory.

He wasn’t trying to pass the boat off as ready for usage. The whole thing sounds like buyer’s remorse, but instead of chalking it up to experience, David Whitmire decided to call in legal help. Did it get the boat fixed? No? Wow, big surprise there!

I’ve made some poor purchase decisions in my life, but I’ve never resorted to running to a lawyer or going to court because I felt short-changed, I just figured it was another in a series of life’s experiences. Get over it, folks.

Jeff Nelson


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