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Human circuses most humane

Tia Rosetti-Mills (April 4) and Spokane’s manager of the Humane Society 100 years ago are right: Nobody needs to see animals when visiting the circus. When I dream of a circus, I envision the “daring young man on the flying trapeze!” I see the fire-eater who turns into the fire-juggler! There are four or five people about to walk across a thin wire – so far up in the sky – the high wire! The webs! The trampoline! The jugglers!

There’s so much to see at The Wenatchee Youth Circus! The circus band and calliope! The ringmaster! And the clowns in our circus are funnier (and not at all creepy) than most! Remember when the animals come in to do their acts? It’s kind of boring and your kids ask if the animals are happy. The Wenatchee Youth Circus doesn’t have animals because they’re not necessary for a great show. You and your kids will be thrilled!

The Wenatchee Youth Circus was born in 1952. It was the dream and reality of Paul “Guppo” Pugh, a young Wenatchee educator. Now Guppo is much older, but the circus is still great. He has ushered many young Washingtonians into the productive adult world. Thanks, Guppo!

Deborah Hale



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