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Planners short-shrift Logan area

Once again the Logan Neighborhood is receiving short shrift through inattention by the Spokane Planning Department; another violation of publicly stated interests of residents of this historic neighborhood.

We have seen Harlan Douglass build many long, skinny apartments on 50-foot lots, not in keeping with the neighborhood plans.

More recently, Vince Dressel systematically added box-like additions to the century-old houses. Rented by the room, twice the number of students live there.

Now comes Mark Ray defiantly moving forward with the drive-thru McDonald’s on the corner of Hamilton Street and Augusta Avenue. Despite neighborhood leaders’ work on the new neighborhood plan ready to go to the Spokane City Council for approval, he refuses to let the building front Hamilton with the drive-thru behind the building.

Mayor David Condon touts involvement with neighborhoods, but we see again and again the very lack thereof. (Reference last week’s City Council meeting and neighborhoods reporting various infractions not being met.)

It’s a shame to see the continued damage to this historic neighborhood. We appeal to the city to protect its citizens who work hard to retain neighborhood environments.

Kay Cobb


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