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Fri., April 11, 2014

Council wrong on pit bulls, pigs

I just read the April 6 story about a child and a man being attacked by a pit bull. This not the first attack by these dogs. How much longer will the Spokane City Council continue to tolerate this before banning pit bulls?

Also, I just arrived home from out of town to learn some on the City Council have voted to have pigs up to 150 pounds in the city. Now, I’m sure some are thinking of pot-bellied pigs. Others will grow them for meat.

My husband finished hogs and grew wheat in Oakesdale for 50 years. Pigs are very intelligent. They can open locks, and if they want out nothing will hold them in.

The odor from their fecal matter is terrible. Along with pigs, residents can have other small animals. How do you de-scent a goat or any other small animals, except a skunk? Even in Oakesdale, they allow only domestic animals in the city.

Did the Spokane City Council members who voted for this ever think about talking to someone with agricultural experience?

Sharon Silzel


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