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The Slice: It’s a short trip from the pup tent to the doghouse

Ages ago, I reported and wrote a story about the first year of marriage.

Several counselors said one mistake newlyweds make is trying to please their spouse by pretending to like something that they really don’t.

A couple of them cited camping as an example.

Let’s move on.

Fill in the blanks: (    ) is just one more reason to (    ) Spokane.

The last time you danced: Bari Federspiel and her husband, Frank, were at the Masonic building on Riverside not long ago.

“We were invited to explore all the floors,” she wrote. “We found a ballroom, complete with ambient lighting and music. We were all alone … so we danced.”

Slice answer: Owen Fullmer realized early in life that he was not cut out for sales.

“I can’t sell a five dollar bill for four bucks,” he wrote.

But when he was 10, his dad signed him up to peddle a weekly newspaper called Grit.

Each week, he received a minimum of 25 copies. The idea was to sell each one for 25 cents and pocket a nickel on every sale.

“There were no subscriptions,” said Fullmer. “It was all face to face.”

His father must have thought that would build character.

“Try as I may, the most I could sell in a town which consisted of a trailer park was 18. I continually had to pull money from my savings to pay off the paper company.”

Warm-up question: I have been saying for years that the cycling community needs to acknowledge and take some ownership of the multiple bad behaviors of a few chowderhead bike riders. But when should we expect the car-driving community to do the same?

Today’s Slice question: On more than one occasion while in large Spokane stores, Mike Wirt has almost been knocked off his feet by shoppers driving those motorized scooters/shopping carts. Those other shoppers were operating the moto-carts recklessly and at a surprisingly high speed. And with that in mind, Wirt has today’s question.

“Is it just me with a target painted on my back or have others had the same experience?”

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