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Why the hate for Obamacare?

Recent polls suggest what many incorrectly say: Obamacare is not very popular. Considering how many people have signed up for it, and the fact it has lowered the number of uninsured Americans significantly, it begs the question: Why?

One factor is that Republicans have done a very effective job putting a negative spin on it. Another factor is ignorance about the law. TV personality Jimmy Kimmel did a man-on-the-street survey that revealed most people had little or no idea what the law contained. In fact, many of the people he interviewed thought the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare were two different things.

But I think the biggest reason it’s not popular is because the people it helps most are poor. Despite incorrect Republican claims that “millions” were kicked off their health care insurance plans, the vast majority of Americans saw no significant change in their health insurance. And, unfortunately, human behavior usually dictates that if it doesn’t affect me, why should I care? Combine this with the Republicans’ relentless campaign to paint the ACA as bad, and what you get are polls showing the ACA as unpopular.

Steve Barber



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