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Hobby Lobby hypocritical

I had to laugh out loud at John Webb’s April 7 shallow justification for the Hobby Lobby case currently under consideration by our corporatist U.S. Supreme Court. Rather than a case about religious freedom, this appears to be a test case for conservatives to pick apart provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The owners of Hobby Lobby say that including birth control provisions in their employees’ health insurance plans is against their religious beliefs and morally offensive to them. But where’s their outrage at stocking their shelves with cheap junk made by Chinese workers who are subject to forced abortions, infanticide and one-child-only policies? Where’s their outrage at investing millions of dollars in 401(k) retirement funds in companies that produce Plan B pills, IUDs and abortifacient pharmaceuticals?

There’s his slippery slope. Looks like profits are more important to the owners of Hobby Lobby than their hypocritical religious liberties.

Kate Fahey Sorensen



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