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Obamacare a failure

After reading James Ramsey’s April 6 letter, “Proud of Obama,” I feel compelled to express a different view.

Ramsey is in error that 9.5 million have signed up for the Affordable Care Act. The goal was for 7 million previously uninsured to be signed up by March 31. President Obama proudly announced that 7.1 million have signed up. What he didn’t point out was that not all have paid their premium, thus are not insured. Also, many of the sign-ups were those who had insurance but were canceled because of Obamacare requirements, even though Obama had previously stated “if you like your insurance you can keep it, period.”

From the beginning, polls showed the majority of Americans opposed Obamacare, and the number is even greater now.

The Affordable Care Act has proved to be a misnomer. Most have found insurance is costing more. A family member has seen her premiums triple after her previous insurance was canceled. A friend whose income is well below the poverty level has had a substantial increase, causing a financial burden.

The American public has been misled by this administration, and I fear the worst is yet to come.

Kenneth Varcoe



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