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Wed., April 16, 2014

What if girl died?

We should strongly agree with the April 9 editorial that the Spokane City Council should “rescind (its) week-old resolution supporting relief for the owners of dangerous dog.” This resolution relieved owners of dogs deemed dangerous from acquiring state-mandated $250,000 liability insurance.

The editors of The Spokesman-Review asked that if the 8-year-old girl had been killed by the pit bull attack would such an amount even begin to compensate her mother for her loss? That is a reasonable question.

But, far more important, what about the little girl herself? She was in fact brutally attacked and suffered the firsthand mauling of a crazed animal, and she will carry those physical and mental scars all her life. And, if she had been killed, the little girl would have suffered the unthinkable pain and fright of being, for all practical purposes, eaten alive.

That is a possibility that all civilized human beings should of course never allow. Never.

The rights of innocent people to come and go freely and safely in their neighborhoods should always be the council’s first consideration. I hope Council President Ben Stuckart can lead the council in that direction.

Larry Vandervert


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