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Sat., April 19, 2014, midnight

How did she vote?

This is an important election year. Voters need to know how Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers votes on every bill presented in the House.

Case in point: The House of Representatives just passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, which is so harmful to so many people in our state and nation, while not touching the tax loopholes that allow fat cats and corporations to avoid paying billions in taxes. Not a word about this in The Spokesman-Review. How did our congresswoman vote?

Yes, I realize I can get on the Internet and find out, but this voting information by our representatives needs to be on the front page for everyone to see – unless there is some cozy relationship being protected by the owners of the paper.

John Thielbahr


(Editor’s note: McMorris Rodgers voted for the Ryan budget bill.)

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