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Libraries have evolved

Regarding Larry Blanchard’s April 11 letter about the Spokane Valley Library and the library district’s bond issue proposal: I can understand his nostalgia for libraries as storehouses for books and the magic of walking through the stacks and coming across something that piques your interest. Unfortunately, it’s expensive to build space for, heat and cool thousands of older books that may never get read again, and not a wise use of limited funds.

Public libraries have always been about information and ideas and providing a place to exchange them, whether through the written word, a program presentation, an exhibit or a discussion group. While they’ve evolved considerably from the time of Andrew Carnegie, and the packaging may be different, the concepts remain the same.

As the district’s retired executive director, I realize I’m biased, but I think over the years Spokane County Library District has taken a thoughtful approach in planning for current needs as well as the future needs. At the same time, it’s been respectful of the more traditional aspects of its services. The Spokane Valley bond issue proposal is sound, forward thinking and deserves the community’s support.

Mike Wirt



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