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Sat., April 19, 2014, midnight

Peaceful prosperity

National governments continue to waste enormous resources on the military in the name of achieving ever-lasting peace. Figures from the 2011 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute annual report show that the world’s governments are spending over $1.7 trillion per year on military activities. This money would go a long way to resolving the real human needs of our planet.

In order to persuade governments to reallocate the absurd military spending and resolve real human challenges like creating jobs and protecting vulnerable families, we must find ways to encourage large numbers of people to speak out and take action. We need to get the issue in the high-level political debates of the coming years. To achieve strength in numbers and strengthen the impact of a non-defense economy message, we must reach out to our own communities first.

We must join all the different sectors – labor, business, religious, social justice, community, youth, development and, especially, policymakers – in collective purpose to move toward a true peaceful prosperity.

Bobby Kirl


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