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Sat., April 19, 2014

Stability of marriage lost

What a shame, in more ways than one. As recently as 1980, only 13 percent of moderately educated mothers with a high school education and some college had children born outside marriage. According to research from the National Marriage Project, today it is 44 percent, and 53 percent of those babies are born to women under age 30.

Now, I ask you why? The morals today simply don’t require marriage anymore, and the law says marriage doesn’t even have to be between a man and woman.

When I was growing up, I could hardly wait to be able to become financially able to support the woman I loved so we could get married and build a solid future with a family; the backbone of our culture and life itself. A family consisted of a mother and father, bearing the father’s last name; a name the wife was proud to share, and the husband more than willing to add to his name. Not anymore.

This solid family foundation is what built our society and without it we are seeing chaos instead of order in our lives, with high crime rates and even more illegitimacy and immorality. Shame on us.

James Nelson


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