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Verdict jeopardizes safety

I am happy for Gail Gerlach and his family. He got away with what should have been at least second-degree manslaughter or reckless endangerment of the public.

I cannot agree with the jury finding his actions legal. In fact, I am absolutely astounded he was not convicted. What were those jurors thinking? He shot and killed a young man who was driving away from the scene. Gerlach’s claim of self-defense was, to say the very least, ridiculous. Convicting Gerlach will not bring this young man back to life; however, it would inform the public this action was wrong.

What if he missed his target and the bullet went through the walls of someone’s home, injuring or killing one of the residents? This allows anyone to shoot at someone for any reason. All they have to do in just about any situation is say, “I thought he had a gun and feared for my life.”

This decision has jeopardized the safety of the entire public. This verdict will be a precedent for future cases of this nature. Jurors, the 12 of you who found him innocent, will share guilt in future incidents of this nature.

Sherman Vassar



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