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Sat., April 19, 2014

Verdict reflects changing times

Times change and we must change with them. Not long ago no one locked their doors or removed ignition keys. Times change and it’s time to make changes.

The not guilty verdict after the Gail Gerlach shooting trial sends a clear message to our elected officials to make changes in the outmoded laws affecting our rights to protect our property. That crystal clear message urges this state’s prosecutors to make very careful use of the taxpayer money when seeking justice involving property crimes.

It is time to review the relationship between the rights of criminals and the rights of victims. The time has come for our elected officials to give the innocent the right to protect themselves and their property, especially during traumatic events.

Laws and incarceration are designed as deterrents. But when the criminal community is allowed to operate with impunity, knowing no one can defend himself or herself, the average citizen suffers.

Thankfully, 12 jurors demonstrated they are also sick and tired of being victimized at the hands of criminals who simply do not respect the law.

David Michaelson

Harrington, Wash.

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