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Meet-up was just PR

I want to thank Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for hosting her Millennial Meetup at the Riverpoint Campus April 14. As an admitted skeptic of current American politicians, I was eager to have my view changed. In the invite, she promised that this conversation would be bipartisan and she would ask for millennials’ ideas.

I voiced my concerns about climate change. Articulating the issues and the concerns that many of my peers have, I was hopeful for her to engage in an intelligent and honest conversation.

Instead, she replied with a near scripted and altogether trite response. Though insulted (I could have watched any interview with any Republican and heard the same response), I was also thankful. So, I want to thank McMorris Rodgers for confirming that my voice as a millennial really isn’t listened to; that “roundtable discussion” really is a euphemism for a public relations event (I opted out of the photo-op).

Lastly, I would like to thank McMorris Rodgers for letting me know that politicians in America will respond to the millennial generation with a one-sided conversation. Her flat response has saved me from the future struggles of being involved with the political process in this country.

Paul Lee



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