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Tue., April 22, 2014

Just another scofflaw

Isn’t Cliven Bundy just another scofflaw screaming oppression by the government? He doesn’t pay Caesar his due and ignores a court order. How original. Only little people pay taxes or land use bills.

Even Glenn Beck is distancing himself from Bundy. Why?

I listened to a gal recently say she could have seven pet cats over the limit of four at her house because the government is oppressing her white evangelical Christian values. It’s gotten ridiculous.

So the federal government has no say what happens on Bureau of Land Management land? Really? Idaho’s statehood had the condition that pre-statehood federal lands will continue to belong to the federal government, so why not Nevada?

This is getting so old. It’s the same pattern, different day. Defy a court order. Defy the law. Do as you please. Provoke a response from the government and then sue the government and win a big windfall settlement because the government had the audacity to enforce the law. It has worked for criminals or undocumented immigrants, so why not Cliven?

Oh, that’s right. Only his conspiracy theory has merit. I forgot.

James Reno

Post Falls

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