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Tue., April 22, 2014

Not all pit bulls are bad

How pathetic it is that our society is so quick to judge an entire breed of dogs based on the negative publicity the media reports on some. I am the proud owner of a 5-year-old pit bull that we adopted from Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service over three years ago. She was my daughter’s Christmas present because even at age 12 my daughter understood how misrepresented these dogs were and wanted to show others how wonderful they are.

Dogs that are mistreated are like children that are mistreated. They are a product of their environment. When will the owners be held responsible for creating these dogs that end up doing horrible things to other people and other dogs? The pit bull breed, just like any other dog, just wants to please its owner, so how sad when someone uses that loyalty for bad purposes.

I would encourage anyone to go to your local shelter and get to know some of these dogs. Form an opinion for yourself, not just what you read and hear on the news.

Jennifer Ward


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