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French’s ego is No. 1

I was very interested to read Shawn Vestal’s April 16 column regarding Spokane County Commissioner Al French’s eight-page, 36-point records request with the city of Spokane.

French’s beef with the city is another volley in the ongoing political battle between the County Commission and the City Council over growth management and urban sprawl. As Vestal so aptly states, French’s request is nothing more than harassment by records request.

All of which brings me to a recent reply I had to a question from Paul Turner in his Slice column. Turner wondered why one would not want to be an elected official, and I told him I would never want to become like the narcissistic, incompetent idiots I worked under for many of my 36 years as an employee of Spokane County.

Though I am no longer employed by the county, I still maintain a list of those I consider narcissistic and incompetent. It is with great pleasure I have elevated French to the No. 1 position.

Terry Hontz


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