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Public Records Act abused

The Washington Public Records Act has existed in one form or another since 1972. Its intent is to foster governmental transparency for all citizens. Once again, it is being abused; not by a private citizen with a grudge or incarcerated individual, but by an elected public official: Spokane County Commissioner Al French.

As a contributing member to society, the onus is on me to show a spirit of cooperation to my fellow human beings, and I have not been elected to a darned thing. I expect no less of our elected officials. French’s 36-point public records request is an embarrassment to our community in general, and a blatant waste of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Recently, the Washington Legislature enacted, and Gov. Jay Inslee signed, ESB 5964, named the “Open Government Trainings Act” because “whether due to error or ignorance, violations of the Public Records Act and Open Public Meetings Act are very costly for state and local governments.”

Stop the madness. Go to mediation. Have a civil conversation with your purported adversaries. Shake hands and behave in the best interest of all citizens of Spokane.

Karen Semerad


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