April 25, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

An effective representative


“The 2013-2014 Freedom Agenda is now officially the most successful slate of conservative bills in two decades,” 4th Legislative District Rep. Matthew Shea reported. Shea is one of the most effective legislators in Olympia, passing more amendments and bills than any other Republican in the last four years.

Shea not only stands on principles in Olympia, he is recognized nationally as a leader in the movement pushing back against the federal government and fighting the implementation of Obamacare. He authored House Bill 1946, the “Healthcare Freedom Act,” one of the first such bills in the country to opt out of nationalized health care.

He is recognized locally for his legislation helping small businesses. His bipartisan bill in 2012 that helped expand dock manufacturing in Spokane County by changing regulations that stymie the use of composite, more environmentally friendly materials passed by the House unanimously.

In 2013, he authored House Bill 1334 to legalize stabilizing conversion kits for motorcycles. Disabled vets can get on the road again. It was signed into law without veto.

Space does not allow reporting all of the accomplishments for freedom by the voters’ wise selection of an outstanding, principled leader in Rep. Matt Shea.

Bonnie Shannon


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