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Fri., April 25, 2014, midnight

We asked our Facebook friends for their favorite cocktails in the Spokane and North Idaho area, with bonus points given for ingredients and bartenders’ names. Here’s a sampling of the responses:

Nicole M. Downhour: “Key Lime Pie Martini at Ambrosia by Ricki. Best key lime drink in town, complete with graham cracker crust, it’s a must!”

Molly Janke: “Post St. Ale House, The Bee Sting, cucumber vodka, muddled jalapeños, lemonade, mango puree. Crafted for me by Joel Bruce!”

Courtney Dunham: “Without question the Bloody Mary at the Satellite – the best in Spokane and made by Greg Hubbard or Kimber Maute. Not only do they make that perfect mix of spicy yum, but they treat you like family with a hug and great service whenever you come in!”

Hood Revenue’s Grump Grumperton: “Teaball. … Fireball and iced tea. Bolos bar. C.J. is the bartender.”

Ashley Miller: “Vanilla lemon drop … From Bistango and Ryan makes it!”

Richard Pilkington: “Mule at The Butcher Bar made by the amazing Amanda Pankratz.”

Jocelyn Rae Macklem: “The Ambassador by Nehemiah Zilar at Jones Radiator! Served with a hug (if you’re lucky).”

John Stills: “Root beer float by Nae at Miks in CdA.”

Maria Franco Caprile: “Ginger Martini at Europa. Contains a slice of crystallized ginger. Delicious and refreshing!”

Doug Hansen: “Gotta be the Moscow Mules at MacKenzie River Pizza. Really any of them do a good job, right Rachel Clement?”

Mary Mimi Rorie: “The Blind Buck Moscow Mule James.”

Shelley Koerper: “Lemon drop at Das Stein Haus Christy makes it!”

Jaxon Riley: “RAIN, Ultra Violet made by Mari Emmons Bork of course!”

Megan Garcia: “Pink starburst at Bowl’z Bitez and Spiritz!”

Jackie Casey: “315 Martinis and Tapas – their jalapeño tequila martini is amazing!”

Jamie Lynn Morgan: “Tequila Twilight at The Cellar in Coeur d’Alene. Have had various bartenders make it and comes out good every time.”

Bradley Baysinger: “El Guapo @ Volstead”

Tyler Soko: “The ‘Yoshi’ from the Basement in Cheney. Not sure what’s in it though.”

Alex Marie Smith: “Key lime martini at Twigs”

Robert Stevens: “Ramos Fizz at Clover”

Teresa Zetwick: “S’mores martini at Chaps”

Joshua Schuerman: “The Mack daddy drink made at the old Hangar 57”

Mary Secrest: “Hills Resort, Huckleberry Daiquiri”

Gretchen Elizabeth Thyfault: “Cherry cheetah and sour alligator (or whatever it’s called, maybe sexy alligator) from the Safari Room in Spokane”

Jennifer Knickerbocker: ” ‘The Last of the Mojitos’ from Sante Restaurant and Charcuterie”

Chris Levernier: “The Shark at Clinkerdaggers!”


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