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The Slice: Giant butterfly wings might affect race time

Fri., April 25, 2014, midnight

Let’s mull some ideas for saluting the start of Expo ’74 while you’re doing Bloomsday.

As you know, the fair’s first-day anniversary and the annual race/walk/stroller-push are both May 4.

Richard Nixon mask: Would you really want to keep that on all morning?

U.S. Pavilion hat: Might depend on how much it weighs.

Bell-bottoms like those worn by the guy on the Peter Max Expo ’74 postage stamp: Meh.

1970s hairstyle wig: Might amuse your friends. But is it specific enough?

Clocktower costume: Maybe if you will be a spectator.

Dress up like one of the musical performers who appeared that summer: Dolly Parton? Rolf Harris?

Outfit yourself as an over-the-falls gondola car: Maybe if you are going to walk with the stroller people.

You could wear a T-shirt that says “What’s so funny about environmentalism?”: Indeed.

OK, your turn.

Menace of motorized shopping carts, Round 3: John McTear argued that they do, in fact, raise concerns. Here, in a nutshell, are a few of his points.

• Cart operators can forget that they are lower than some shoppers’ line-of-sight.

• Some operators are looking at items on the shelves as they drive and not keeping their eyes on the road, so to speak.

• Some operators whip around corners at a good clip.

Slice answer: In the matter of pushing one’s alma mater on the kids, The Slice heard from a friend whose wife went to Dartmouth. “The biggest roadblock, other than the tuition, is the school fight song,” he wrote.

One passage: “And the granite of New Hampshire, in their muscles and their brains.”

Warm-up question: Which member of your extended family is most likely to drop his or her phone into a lake this year?

Today’s Slice question: What evidence do you have that potato salad – exceptionally good potato salad – is an aphrodisiac? A) The evidence is named Madison and she is 12 years old. B) A lady never tells. C) I suspect that women like men who can cook, but when I make my famous Palouse Potato Salad I am absolutely convinced of it. Say no more. D) Other.

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