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Sat., April 26, 2014

Climate change is inevitable

The environmentalist diktat is unmistakable in its basic premise: No change in the natural world is acceptable. Current climates and life forms are to exist into perpetuity at any cost to society. Really?

North America is the poster child for recent catastrophic and repetitive climate-induced events. Interglacial periods last about 10,000 years. We are already about 10,000 years into this one. Temperature spikes have always preceded the next ice event.

Based on ice cores from the Danish sponsored NEEM Project, it is now estimated that temperatures leading up to the last ice age were 8 degrees Celsius warmer on Greenland than they are now. Current changes are neither unprecedented nor alarming. As we move into the next cycle, expect melt-driven rising sea levels followed by falling sea levels as it ices up. Also expect human dislocations and animal extinctions.

Expensive jousting by quixotic tax-guzzling governments and private organizations such as will not keep the climate status quo. Climate change is natural and unavoidable, with or without us. I hope the progeny of today’s earth muffins enjoy East Texas during the next 60,000-year ice event.

Steve Clemens


Regarding your April 18 story on the state of Idaho’s lawsuit against those companies involved in the Steep Corner Fire:

It is unfortunate that the state has taken the approach they have with Potlatch and DABCO Property Management, and especially with DABCO. News media throughout the nation and trade publications worldwide have picked this story up on the Associated Press wire and, in my opinion, this story has unfairly smeared a good company and good families.

DABCO is a major employer in Kamiah and has a virtually spotless record of operations for the last 30 years. Tim Christopherson, Rick Christopherson and their second-generation family logging company are being tried in the press without benefit of being able to defend themselves in the same venue. Very sad.

There is more to this story than most people realize. I would respectfully ask those who are following this issue to please withhold judgment until all the facts are out. It goes without saying, or should, that we all share in the grief of the family of the lost firefighter.

Serena Carlson

Deer Park

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