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Sun., April 27, 2014, midnight

Elect actual public servants

In Idaho’s 1st Legislative District (most of Bonner County and all of Boundary County), we have legislators who are great at accomplishing their goals. The problem is that their goal is to grow government, and they do an excellent job in that task.

Whether it is passing the state exchange, when their constituents opposed it, or voting for increased spending, our legislators are good at growing government. That’s what happens when you get career politicians who do as they wish and ignore their constituents.

We need new, fresh voices in Boise who care about the people of Bonner and Boundary counties. That is why I urge you to vote for Danielle Ahrens for state Senate, Heather Scott for state Representative Position A, and Sage Dixon for Representative Position B.

We need legislators who support smaller government principles and who believe in state sovereignty and individual liberty.

Even I, at 17, can see the difference between public servants and self-serving politicians.

Asa Gray

Priest River

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