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Give and take: Sports letter

Deal good for GU, not for WSU

It would be helpful if at the end of John Blanchette’s columns if an editor would search through the obscure references, unpronounceable words and tortured rationalizations and summarize the actual facts.

Here are the facts from last Saturday’s column: Gonzaga and WSU have been playing every year at the respective team’s home court as part of an agreement that expired. GU declined to renew the agreement under those terms. They either wanted a better deal or they wanted out. Negotiating from a position of weakness, Bill Moos, WSU’s A.D., agreed to give GU a two-for-one agreement, in which GU has two home games (from which the home teams get the resulting revenues) for every one for the Cougs, as long one of those GU home games was played in the Spokane Arena instead of the Kennel. Good deal for GU and not so good for WSU.

As a fan I think all three teams, GU, WSU and UW, should play each other on a regular basis and on their home courts.

Larry Medin


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