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Huckleberries: Idaho’s nerd ratio noteworthy

Idaho is doing well in another Estately Blog poll. Remember? Estately named Idaho as one of the states that would survive a zombie apocalypse. After all, most Spud Staters are armed to the teeth and know survivability skills. Now, Estately ranks Idaho No. 4 – behind No. 1 Utah, Alaska and Wyoming and two spots ahead of No. 6 Washington in – (drum roll, puh-leez) nerdiness. Seems Idahoans are fanatics of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Harry Potter,” “Dungeons & Dragons” and other nerd indicators. Says Estately: “Idaho is home to large numbers of live action role-players and Harry Potter enthusiasts, but it’s also one of the premier states for those into fantasy literature. The state is home to its own chapter of the Tolkien Society, and local universities actually hold classes focusing on fantasy and science fiction.” And you wonder why we Spud Staters seem somewhat “out there” at times?

Rising stars

Dunno how to break it to John Cross and other Kootenai County Tea-publicans who want the head of 32-year-old Coeur d’Alene Rep. Luke Malek, but Malek is a rising Idaho GOP star. So sez Kristen Welker of MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown.” The program is running a series that lists political rising stars in each of the states. Malek and Democrat Holli Woodings of Boise got the nod in Idaho. Malek, of course, earned the considerable venom of his party’s tea party/constitutionalist/libertarian wing by leading a freshman coalition in support of the state health exchange. Malek probably wonders if a mainstream media accolade is a good thing as he seeks re-election in cherry-red Kootenai County.


Appointed Kootenai County Clerk Jim Brannon wasn’t speaking with his “inside voice” as he and commissioner candidate Marc Eberlein left a shindig for Congressman Raul Labrador in Post Falls on Friday. A Berry Picker overheard him say: “Marc, I’m gonna need some help. I’m taking (expletive deleted) from all sides.” Seems Brannon’s getting heat from Democrats and some Republicans for unilaterally changing the filing rules, forcing candidates to file in person this spring. Some Democrats are running as write-in candidates for precinct positions as a result … Blog partner Cindy Hval was covering a new Mead High soccer program that pairs general education and disabled students together Thursday when a handsome man introduced himself. “What grade are you in?” Cindy asked. “I’m the teacher,” he replied. Facebooked Cindy: “Mercy! I am too (stinkin’) old for this job!” Now she knows how Danny Glover feels … Quotable Quote: “Have you heard that Cliven Bundy has been offered the role of patriarch on a new reality show? True. It’s called ‘Schmuck Dynasty’ ” – former Coeur d’Alene City Councilman Mike Kennedy … For those keeping score at home, Tea-publican guv candidate Russ Fulcher became my 1,458th follower on Twitter (@HucksOnline) Friday. Guv Butch Otter isn’t a follower. It may have something to do with my blog comments that he hasn’t been a very effective governor. Who knows? … Kenna Smoot, a 29-year-old Coeur d’Alene resident, is one of 10 USA finalists for PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Next Door” contest. Vegans, I suppose, don’t share the malady of the rest of us, regarding keeping weight off. Tofu (blech) will do that for you.

Parting shot

Former Kootenai County Clerk Dan English expresses the sentiments of many in this statement about downtown Coeur d’Alene: “I feel like I’m starting to succumb to short-timer’s disease. With working downtown and driving by, and around, being detoured and re-routed for the last year or so I find myself getting more and more impatient to just get the streets, intersections, and sidewalks back.” The good news? The eastern end of overhauled McEuen Park will open next Friday.

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