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Sun., April 27, 2014

Neo-Nazi coverage uneven

Has anyone noticed how the United States’ media characterizes neo-Nazis at home and in Ukraine?

A Hitler-lover in Kansas mistakenly murders three Christians in an anti-Semitic rage and faces a possible death penalty. Deranged Hitler-lovers in the illegal Kiev government are applauded by U.S. leaders, and rewarded with money and weapons. Central Intelligence Agency Chief John Brennan met with Kiev leadership recently to cement and deepen U.S. support.

Led by the New York Times, journalists across the country lamely try to uphold the Kiev government as legitimate. How can it be legitimate when its core members directed the overthrow of the elected government in late February with U.S. backing for the violence unleashed? How can a government that allows the recent public beating of presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev by Nazi goons be considered legitimate?

It’s wake-up time for slumbering U.S. voters who haven’t noticed this troubling growth and association of U.S. fascist violence with its equivalent in Ukraine and other European nations. If we reject the resurgence of white-supremacist ideology at home, why should we accept and fund its growth in Ukraine?

Chuck Armsbury


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