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Sun., April 27, 2014

Park plans all talk

I noticed the April 17 article in The Spokesman-Review saying the Parks Department is again asking for public input on what to do with Riverfront Park. This process has been going on for 30 years.

A year ago, the Review printed my letter saying that Riverfront plans were all talk, and nothing ever gets accomplished. Plans go back to the 1980s for a People Mover, a 300-foot observation tower and, later, plans for contracting with Disney for those types of attractions. Also in that letter were suggestions for the 40th anniversary of Expo, like putting a roof on the Pavilion, upgrading to a digital Imax and putting in those money-generating attractions voted for in 1999.

Yet now, 15 years later, that land we bought still sits empty. So again, another summer will go by, and we lose tourism dollars, and lose money from not having a place like National Park for our youth and families, as well as not having the money-generating attractions we voted for 15 years ago.

Why aren’t the taxpayers fit to be tied over this lack of planning and vision by this city’s poor excuses for leaders, and its Parks Department?

Richard Trerise


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