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The Slice: You’ve got to hand it to her for her ingenuity

Sun., April 27, 2014

The Slice’s mention of Evergreen State geography last week prompted Susan Chapin to send me a photo of her hand.

“OK, so I once observed my oldest daughter explaining Washington geography to someone from out of the area this way (see photo),” she wrote.

“This is Washington. The thumb is the Olympic peninsula. The fingernail of my index finger is Seattle. The gap between my thumb and hand is Puget Sound. The crease next to my little finger is Spokane. The Columbia River runs along my fingertips. Middle finger is the Cascade range. It’s a map you can travel with.”

An email from Sheila Wood in Coeur d’Alene: “Regarding the headline in this morning’s S-R, ‘Zombie TV series to provide good jobs’: Is it too obvious to make snide comments, like, ‘They won’t have a problem finding extras’ or ‘Is being bored to death a legitimate qualification?’

“Just what IS it about Spokane that makes it a good setting for a zombie TV series? I know how positive you are about the city, so maybe you won’t capitalize on this topic, one that could fill your column for the next five months.”

Well, I think it might be because of our civic reputation for succulent brains. But that’s just a guess.

Slice answer (re: what went through your mind when you first noticed that your pet wasn’t climbing stairs with the same old zip): “I was carrying him, so I think he noticed first,” wrote Dick Parker.

Today’s Slice question: How often, when showing up at your workplace, are you confronted with some crisis, complaint or whatever before you even make it to your office, desk or work station?

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