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Sun., April 27, 2014

Why negotiate necessities?

Why does our government negotiate the very air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the food that we eat like a bargaining chip to promote corporate demands?

Why do we negotiate our Medicare and Social Security while allowing one in four corporations to pay no taxes at all? The U.S. loses revenue of over $331 billion per year due to tax shelters and tax loopholes.

Why do we negotiate our clean air and water to build two more nuclear power plants in Georgia? This would be after leaking over 100 metric tons of highly contaminated water recently from the Fukushima facility.

Why do we negotiate our groundwater to continue fracking with toxic chemicals that leak from unlined ponds and compromise our most precious possession – water – causing sinkholes and earthquakes?

Why would we negotiate our aquifers for a Keystone XL pipeline that will yield the Koch brothers a cool $100 billion in profits? We get the poison while China belches more toxic emissions.

Why would we negotiate clean air for invasive coal trains that will blow coal dust over the Northwest?

Life-sustaining necessities should never be negotiated.

Bonnie Bogart-Brown

Plummer, Idaho

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