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Real heroes in our midst

The movie “Captain America” just came out and, personally, I thought it was amazing. With the movie fresh in my mind and all the rain this week, I had time to think about what it took to be a hero.

You might think of a cool guy with a long cape and a stretchy outfit. My kind of heroes are the ones who wear confidence, courage and camouflage. Waking up every morning to the face of danger. Who serve not just their country, but the millions of people they’ve never even met. That’s pure bravery.

Whenever I feel alone in this big world, I take a moment to thank God for the people he led to fight for me and everyone else. It’s a shame we have to have a holiday to remind us to thank someone for their service.

So next time you see someone in a uniform, hat, or anything relating them to the services, tell them “thank you.” Those two little words go a long way. You might just make their day.

Katie Greene



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