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Vote for Ahrens

Danielle Ahrens is a true voice of the people. She is a strong conservative candidate for Idaho’s Senate.

After attending some forums in which candidates presented their stand on state issues, Ahrens stood out for her ideas on creating jobs in our community. She will work to reduce taxes and regulations on our local businesses. Opening up our natural resources and bringing in manufacturing jobs is another priority. Her passion for freedom from government encroachment into our lives was remarkable.

A strong advocate for state school funding, she wants to help relieve schools from the unpopular levy process. Volunteer work with Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll greatly increased her experience with the state legislative process. She learned to conscientiously read, write and develop legislation. If constituents were unable to be present, she would often testify for them in different committees.

Her community involvement as a member of the Farm Bureau board of directors, leader with Community Assistance League and advisory board of directors for Sandpoint Community Resource Center shows a spirit of contribution and commitment.

She would be a wonderful change from our present lack of representation. It will be an honor to vote for Danielle Ahrens for state Senate District 1.

Maureen Paterson

Priest River, Idaho


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