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Don’t misread clothing

Recently, I was able to head over to Seattle to attend Sakura Con, an event much like a Comic-Con. I had an utter blast, but one of the most impactful things I saw were the signs all over the area that said “Cosplay (cosplay = wearing a costume) is not Consent.” This means that, even if the cosplayer is wearing a skimpier costume, it is because they like it, and it doesn’t give you any permission to harass them about it.

Too often, people don’t seem to realize that this line should cover all days, not just at the convention. No, not everyone with short-shorts or a lower-cut top is “asking for it!” And not all of them are just “looking for attention” either. Sometimes, wearing something just means they enjoy wearing it. As well as that, just because they are wearing it still doesn’t give you any right to touch them or bother them.

I wish this was a better known idea when people are walking on the streets having to experience this kind of harassment, but for now I am just very glad that the Sakura Con staff knows what’s up.

Ashlyn Ogle



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