April 30, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Goldmark hypocritical


Democrat Peter Goldmark ran for state lands superintendent attacking incumbent Republican Doug Sutherland for accepting contributions from those he regulated in the timber industry. Sutherland’s long history of distinguished public service was buried under a mudslide of negative campaign ads from Goldmark, who was narrowly elected promising never to accept contributions from those he regulated, calling it hypocritical to do so.

Now entrenched in Olympia, Goldmark proclaims himself a man of integrity and happily solicits money from those same industries he once attacked Sutherland for courting. Although there is nothing unique about politicians who master the art of saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing another once elected, it takes a special level of hypocrisy to betray a central promise that led to election.

When it comes to hypocrisy in public behavior, Goldmark sets the gold standard with his lack of character in office.

Tom Keefe


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