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Arritola, for fresh start

As a Republican and precinct committee officer in the Spokane Valley, I join Shawn Vestal’s call (July 23) to elect a new representative in the 4th Legislative District. For too long, Republicans have not stood up to the unacceptable behavior Matt Shea has exhibited in office. Now is our chance.

Vote for Josh Arritola, for someone focused on business issues, creating jobs in our community, bringing Boeing Co. to Spokane and completing the North Spokane Corridor. He will stay focused on issues that matter to the district. He has proven during the campaign that he shows up to debates and meetings with groups like the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, while Shea has consistently been absent.

Josh Arritola will represent the 4th District with character and integrity, and not drag our district through embarrassing news stories every year. It is time for Republicans to stand up and vote for a fresh start.

Sandy Brown

Spokane Valley


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