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Re-elect Chase

In the race for Spokane County treasurer, please seriously consider our current treasurer, Rob Chase. Chase is an innovative leader. He was a major force in getting a bill passed allowing county residents to pay our property taxes in installments. In spite of opposition from some elected officials and his two opponents, he is also advocating for a reduction in the extremely high 23 percent interest/penalty rate for late payments that can occur when people are facing financial difficulties.

He has formed employee-led teams that have come up with many suggestions to improve the efficiency of the treasurer’s office. Another of his priorities has been wise use of our taxpayer dollars. For the last three years, spending has averaged 8 percent under budget. Moreover, Chase knows the value of a skillful staff. That is why he chose a very talented certified public accountant, Mike Volz, as his deputy treasurer.

We need more unique leaders like Chase. He does what he believes is right for the average citizen and our Spokane community rather than what pleases special interest groups, and primarily those with influence.

Vote to re-elect Treasurer Rob Chase so he can continue innovative programs to serve all of us in Spokane.

Gretchen McDevitt



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