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Sat., Aug. 2, 2014

McCaslin a firm ‘no’

Would you like to pay an 11.5 cent-per-gallon gas tax increase? Voters in Spokane resoundingly say, “No.”

During the interview process to replace retiring Rep. Larry Crouse, of the three candidates, Bob McCaslin was the only one who stood firm against a tax increase. Leonard Christian did not.

McCaslin, who was the precinct committee officers’ first choice, stated he would not vote for a gas tax increase. McCaslin knows the transportation budget is bloated and wasteful. He also understands that prior tax hikes promising money to complete the North Spokane Corridor just disappeared into Western Washington’s pet projects.

Based on prior track records of elusive promises, the North Spokane Corridor will not materialize with this massive tax hike, but only with prioritized, dedicated budgeting.

Vote for Bob McCaslin, who is willing to do the hard work of prioritized budgeting. We are taxed enough already. Go to

Anita Robinson

Otis Orchards

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