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Common Core takes time

Common Core standards sure seem to rile up the conspiracy and anti-public education folks to a foaming-at-the-mouth tizzy. All for a set of standards designed to give American students the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in the world economy. Several states with high-level educational systems have complained that Common Core lowers the bar, but for most states, Common Core raises the bar, and raises it substantially.

So what’s the problem? In my opinion, a number of students, perhaps a majority, will not clear the bar even with repeated opportunities as they are fundamentally ignorant. Not stupid mind you, but ignorant. The educational standards in many states and communities are woefully lacking. Parents have not emphasized education as a means to advancing in society. Parents themselves are woefully ignorant, preferring to leave the kid with a TV, computer, video games and a smart phone.

For Common Core to work, it will require a minimum of five years. More likely it will take a full 12-year cycle for some students and school districts.

Pat Hayes



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