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Sun., Aug. 3, 2014

Wilson campaign effective

Dave Wilson clearly has the strongest, most effective campaign in the 5th Congressional District race. It is a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground effort that is nothing short of impressive.

The Wilson campaign has surely knocked on more doors than any of his three competitors. Wilson has more signs around town. He has attended dozens of campaign events. Every large public event in the 5th District has been canvassed by a Wilson for Congress contingent.

His website is head-and-shoulders above his competitors, including the incumbent. He most likely has spent more time in private homes speaking with small groups of private citizens than any of his competitors. I would also bet that Wilson has been in front of more large groups. The campaign’s social media effort dominates the field. Wilson has also traveled extensively around the district working to earn votes.

Are you satisfied with Congress? The Democrat won’t win in this district; that is a given. However, a hard-working, small-government independent who was a successful business owner with impeccable leadership experience has the best chance. Dave Wilson will give the incumbent the best fight. I would encourage everyone to consider this fact when they cast their vote in the primary.

Eric Bessett


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