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MONDAY, AUG. 4, 2014

Spin Control

By Nicholas Deshais

July 30 – Only two people actually sat at today’s protest against Spokane’s sit-lie ordinance, though one was in a wheelchair. The only other two protesters stood outside downtown’s Spokane Regional Business Center to talk about why they believed the law targets the homeless.

The law in question, which has been in place for less than a year, makes it illegal to sit or lie on downtown sidewalks most hours of the day. Sitting on fixtures or planters is also illegal.

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Spokane Valley

By David Wasson

July 30 – Spokane Valley officials are concerned that some people may have mistakenly inferred the city is sanctioning marijuana use at a new members-only social club because it issued business licenses to the establishment.

City spokeswoman Carolbelle Branch said the only business licenses the Valley has issued to The Lounge are for its social club and its consulting service, which is how the company refers to its on-site medical marijuana dispensary. Branch said the licenses in no way reflect the city’s sanctioning of marijuana use on the premises, noting that regulatory power rests with other agencies.

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The Slice

By Paul Turner

July 29 – Just wondering: Are there any situations where flipping off another driver in traffic is not just pointless, immature, low-class, potentially road-rage-inciting and possibly a gross misinterpretation of events but is, in fact, a socially corrective expression of mild frontier justice saying, “I clearly saw what you did and here is what I think of the choice you made”?

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End Notes

By Catherine Johnston

July 27 – A friend hosted a wedding shower the other night. She asked guests to bring their favorite love poem. Do you have one? With all the twittering about, I wonder if lovers still share poetry or even poetic thoughts.

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