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A royal spin job

I never imagined writing a letter responding to a princess. I don’t doubt Princess Haya Al Hussein’s good intentions. She notes (July 27) the importance of social and economic growth for peace and stability. Israel removed 9,000 Israelis from Gaza in 2005. Rather than use the remaining infrastructure to build their economy, the Gazans destroyed greenhouses and the focus turned to attacking Israel.

The princess is correct that “rockets and bombs will not bring about peace,” but it appears Hamas is not interested in peace. Cement given to Gaza to build homes, schools and hospitals was used to build tunnels so terrorists could enter Israel and murder Jews.

The princess refers to the bombing of the United Nations school; indeed heartbreaking and tragic. The jury is still out on who actually hit the school, but there is definitive evidence that Hamas is using schools as arms depots. Multiple reports confirm that missiles are being shot from schools and hospitals that should be a safe haven. The princess cites the body count. Wars cause death. I challenge the assertion that Hamas uses civilians as human shields. No, they use civilians as human sacrifices. Hamas must take responsibility for this tragic situation.

Mary Noble



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