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Endorsement incorrect

Your endorsement of Mary Lou Johnson (County Commission, District 3) was factually incorrect and quite misleading. In your endorsement of Johnson you stated:

“Her Blue Print for Reform has broad support, and she’d like to lead its implementation.”

This statement is incorrect and is a slight to the three members of the Spokane Regional Criminal Justice Commission who spent a year completing the report, which included some 37 hearings, over 400 witnesses, reams of documents and hundreds of hours of pro bono work on behalf of the city, county and citizens of the region. It also overlooks the input from many others who contributed to this report. While it is true that Johnson was one of the many witnesses who participated and appeared before the commission, it is not “her” Blue Print for Reform, but that of the Commission.

It was never the Commission’s intent that this report be used as political fodder and such use should not start now at the expense of those who authored the report and took full responsibility for its publication.

James McDevitt

Spokane Regional Criminal Justice Commission