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Annie’s Mailbox: Advice offered to lonesome widower

Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Lonesome Okie,” the widower who doesn’t understand why women won’t go out with him a second time. I am a senior lady who dates senior men. Here are some of the turnoffs: bad hygiene, dirty nails, sloppy clothes, bad table manners and expecting sex right away. I’ve experienced all of these.

Ladies get prettied up and smelling good, but end up with men who don’t care how they look or smell and think it’s OK. It’s not. – N.C. Senior

Dear N.C.: We heard from a great many women, most of whom wanted us to fix them up with “Lonesome Okie.” We don’t provide that kind of service, sorry. Here’s one more:

Dear Annie: Single older women outnumber similar men by a tremendous number. In my Sunday school class alone, there are several women who would love to have a man ask them out to lunch or a movie, yet the one or two single men in the group seem to have no interest in doing so. I am a neat, clean, self-responsible Christian woman, with my own car and home.

I can make easy conversation with men, but in my 10 years of widowhood, I have yet to be asked out even once. I am self-sufficient and lonely for male companionship, but don’t want to get married again. I have many gal pals I travel with, but I miss having a guy around. Tell “Okie” not to give up. – Red Hat Mama

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