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The Slice: As big days go, this one was up there

It was a big day for a couple of reasons.

“My husband, Kevin, and I were married in Spokane on 8/9/1974,” wrote Sheila Masteller. “My dear dad, Mike Cronin, was a lifelong proud, liberal Democrat. Nixon gave his resignation speech to the nation on 8/8 at 6 p.m. PDT, the scheduled time of our rehearsal. We all were late to our rehearsal as we couldn’t pull Dad and our entire family from the TV.

“Dad said the speech and the resignation were U.S. history in the making – a needed, good change for our country – and starting the rehearsal could be delayed an hour. He was right.

“My uncle, Father Frank Cronin, S.J., presided at our wedding. He was with us in front of the TV on 8/8.

“During our wedding on the evening of 8/9 he said, ‘This is an historic day in history … and, the president of the United States also resigned today at noon.’

“We retell this story, with big smiles, every year.”

Hiking up to the podium: Before a recent family vacation, a friend of mine was talking to her two young daughters about the plan to go backpacking in the Olympics.

A little while later, the 8-year-old had a question. “How do you backpack in the Olympics?”

My friend explained that it’s just like backpacking anywhere.

The little girl tried again. “No, how do you figure out who gets the medals?”

What people would think if they saw you perform a cannonball dive: “Ooooo! That’s gonna leave a mark.” – Jack McGrath

“Ahoy Ahab, Moby Dick is breaching off the port bow!” – Rick Barth

Slice answer: “Interesting question today (Monday) re: current level of fitness,” wrote Phil Georgariou of Mead. “The memory of my past physical capabilities plays less of a role in my current motivation than seeing folks my mother’s age (she’s 86) and what the downside is for not keeping physically fit. We can’t afford not to take care of ourselves.”

Today’s Slice question: What Inland Northwest county is home to the highest per capita concentration of Confederate flags?

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