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Sun., Aug. 10, 2014

Feeding addictions

We tell our young people that alcohol and marijuana are bad for them, and then we voted to make alcohol more available than it had been previously. Then 56 percent of the registered voters (who voted) passed a law to make weed available in many different forms so that nonsmokers could escape reality. The laws about alcohol and marijuana were written so that most people didn’t understand them. Alcohol is more expensive and weed will be more expensive until supply matches demand!

The sad facts about both situations are that we have a lot of people who use drugs in various forms to escape reality. You can list a variety of reasons for using drugs but it still comes back to the cold hard facts that drugs are addictive. We have far too many middle- and upper-class people who are addicted, or the drugs would not be flowing across our borders in such large quantities.

Something that must be really confusing to our young people is to know President Obama has basically endorsed marijuana and has instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to ignore arresting people in Washington and Colorado. But can we trust his words?

Gerald Ray