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Sun., Aug. 10, 2014, midnight

Wakeboarding belongs on the bigger lakes

The story about wakeboarding (July 17) I’m sure peaked the interest of many and maybe introduced some to a new sport. I wonder, though, how many people realize that wake boats belong only on certain waters i.e. those that are large enough and deep enough to absorb the huge wakes they produce.

The waves they make are much larger than those of ordinary water skiing and are causing huge amounts of damage to shorelines with extensive erosion and also to floating docks.

At our home on Newman Lake which is a small and shallow lake, we cannot let our grandchildren on the dock when wakeboarding is taking place on the lake and at the same time watch our dock buckle and rock and become damaged over time. Unable to keep our boat at the dock we were forced to buy a lift to prevent the boat from further damage.

So a thrilling sport for some is a menace to others unless wakeboarders keep their sport on waters large enough to accommodate the sport.

Barbara Gronberg

Newman Lake

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