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The Slice: Famous friend of felines

Tue., Aug. 12, 2014, midnight

Mark Twain was famously fond of cats.

Well, I wonder if he encountered any Spokane felines when he was here for a couple of days back in August of 1895.

And did those cats pass along the story of encountering the celebrated author?

Maybe some 2014 Spokane pets still talk about their ancestors being patted on the head by the man who changed American literature.

Just wondering: How thin are the ranks of those around here who actually knew Bing Crosby?

Something you can say to certain people who moved here from far away and years later still won’t stop loudly preferring their old stomping grounds: “Well, I suppose you could move back there. But then, I’m pretty sure you would collapse like a house of cards if you had to deal with that humidity again at your age.”

Speaking of people moving here: Have you ever had a boss who had a knack for hiring people who were certain to hate it here (and everyone else in the organization could see that right away)? Ever had a boss who not only hired people destined to hate Spokane but also hired people married to individuals who obviously loathed Spokane from the get-go?

Slice answer: “How do I know when it’s time to wash my car?” wrote Donna Kelly. “When my kids don’t want to borrow it anymore.”

Warm-up questions: When you come home after visiting someone with poor hearing do you sometimes have to be reminded to turn down the volume of your voice?

If so, how do family members or housemates convey that request? A) Clasping their hands over their ears and grimacing. B) “You still have your voice set on 11.” C) Activating a cone of silence like the one in “Get Smart.” D) Bleeding from the ears. E) Making the “time out” T signal (or “technical foul” T) with their hands. F) Other.

Today’s Slice question: Do you remember being a little kid and viewing a swimming pool’s high diving board with awe? (Even if, in reality, the diving board in question wasn’t really all that high.)

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